How to Plan an Iowa Alumni Reunion

A few years may have passed since your college days, but the memories can make it feel like yesterday. Reunions are a great way to gather Iowa alumni from the same graduating class, but they can also be a broader celebration of Hawkeyes with like-minded interests—such as members of alumni affinity groups, Greek organizations, athletics teams, and more.

Planning and executing a reunion takes time. It can take four to six months to plan an informal gathering, and nine to 16 months to organize a larger reunion. Download the reunion guide and checklist to get started.

Reunion Committees

A successful alumni gathering depends on a dedicated reunion chair and committee of volunteers who start planning early, work throughout the year, and share in the coordination and promotion of the event. The committee is also responsible for providing programming and activities that balance the interests of the group, while also including time for catching up with old friends.

General duties for the committee chair include:

  • Research, organize, and implement the reunion
  • Recruit and work with a committee of at least five others
  • Schedule meetings and coordinate the committee
  • Create and finalize a budget
  • Welcome attendees and volunteers during the event
  • Act as a liaison for the University of Iowa Center for Advancement
  • Support the mission of the University of Iowa

As you give your time and energy to planning a reunion, know that you are helping to strengthen the connections of proud Iowa alumni and friends.

For more information, email

Looking for other ways to get involved as an alumni or friend of the University of Iowa? Check out upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

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